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Save 20% on the TOEFL Exam

You’ve got you covered on all things Higher Education. Whether you want to take the TOEFL Exam or not, we can assist you either way. Here’s how OHLA Schools and UniApplyNow can assist you.

Which of the two do you identify with?

I don’t perform well on exams. How can I avoid taking the TOEFL Exam?

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place (or should we say school). We are partnered with over 100 universities throughout the US that recognize and accept our Intensive English Program instead of the TOEFL/IELTS exams. This means you don’t need to take the entrance exam if you take our English program.

It’s that simply!

First, you must enter the US with an F-1 student visa, we will provide you with the I-20 Form needed to obtain your student visa – see more information on how to apply for a student visa. You study with us in our Intensive Program and depending if you plan to study for your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree you would need to reach and complete the following levels:

  • Reach and complete our Advanced 2 level if you want to apply for a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Reach and complete our Elite level if you want to apply for a Master’s Degree

Once you’ve reached the required level our counselors at our Higher Education Division, UniApplyNow, will help you in applying to one of our partner universities. Here you will find which partner universities work with us.

Now on to option number two.

I’m a great test taker and want to see how high I can score on the TOEFL Exam.

Great! You already have an advanced English proficiency level and you essentially don’t need to study English any longer. You are ready to prepare for your TOEFL and score as high as you can. Through our first of its kind partnership with ETS (the company behind all TOEFL exams), you will have access to exclusive test prep offerings to prepare for the TOEFL iBT test so you can feel confident in your skills on test day.

Not only that, when you register through UniApplyNow, our Higher Education sister company, you will SAVE 20% on the TOEFL Exam (enter discount code OHLATOEFL20). You will also receive the support of our university counselors in applying to your dream university in the US. When you take the TOEFL exam you will have access to over 200 universities.

Here you will find which universities work with us.

“We are pleased to have found a partner of the magnitude and reach of ETS. Our primary goal since the inception of OHLA Schools and UniApplyNow, has been to create an environment where international students succeed in every stage of their academic journey”

Jenny Nieveen – Founder of OHLA Schools & CEO of UniApplyNow

To learn more about TOEFL iBT, including information on the test’s acceptance, test prep, registration and more, visit For information on OHLA Schools, visit and for UniApplyNow, visit

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